At-a-Glance Schedule

Friday, January 29th

5:00p – 7:00p – Registration

6:00p-7:00p – Sponsor Table Visits

7:00p–9:00p – Welcome Session

Accelerate: Lifting the Fog

The purveyors of sign language interpreting face tremendous uncertainty and pressure in today’s marketplace. This presentation discusses the impetus and ambitions of Accelerate.

By: Brandon Arthur, Founder, StreetLeverage

NIEC: Trends & Issues Facing the Business of Interpreting

Overview of findings from a recent survey of interpreter referral agencies informed by the 2015 Trends Report conducted by the National Interpreter Education Center.

By: Dennis Cokely, Director, ASL Program, Northeastern University

By: Trudy Schaffer, Director, National Interpreter Education Center

Saturday, January 30th

7:00a–5:00p – Registration

8:00a-6:00p – Sponsor Table Visits

8:45a-12:00p – Main Session

Accelerate Open

By: Brandon Arthur, Founder, StreetLeverage

Plenary Presentation

By: Chris Wakeland, VP of Interpreting, Sorenson Communications

Panel Discussion: Addressing the “Gap-to-Work” in Sign Language Interpreting

Panel discussion about the gap between graduation and work readiness, the role of Interpreting Programs, and agencies.

Lead by: Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Board Member, Conference of Interpreter Trainers

RID Update: From Breakdown to Breakthrough and Beyond

RID is engaged in a transformation process to create a system of stability and sustainability in our programs and services. Join in the conversation about our efforts to move beyond historic and current barriers to redefine our relevance.

By: Dawn Whitcher, President, Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Meaningful Work: Investing in Purpose and Community

An introspective exploration of the role of sign language interpreting agencies in effecting positive change in our world.

By: Chris Soukup, CEO, Communication Service for the Deaf

12:15p-1:15p – Luncheon

Luncheon Presentation: What’s Important: Sign Language Interpreting Agencies and the Deaf Community

Chris Wagner examines NAD’s strategic goals for communication access, Deaf community feedback, and the spirit of cooperation necessary for sign language interpreting service provision.

By: Chris Wagner, President, National Association of the Deaf

1:30p-3:00p – Concurrent Sessions

Assessing Quality in your Service Providers

This session highlights aspects of and approaches to assessing interpreter competence for referral agencies, specifically focusing on two rubrics developed by the National Interpreter Education Center.

By: Dennis Cokely, Director of the ASL Program, Northeastern University

Government Contracting: Strategies and Insight for Small Business

This session examines strategies for identifying, soliciting, and bidding for Federal and State Government contracts.

By: Ralph Buchanan, Senior Economic Development Specialist, U.S. Small Business Administration

Sign Language Interpreting: Financial Management for the Small Agency

Maintaining a competitive edge requires knowledge of a business’ daily financial position. Record keeping, budgeting, financing, compliance, technology and internal control are the foundations for success.

By: Emilia Chukwuma, Chair of the Department of Business, Gallaudet University

By: Makur Aciek, Associate Professor, Business Department, Gallaudet University

3:30p-5:00p – Concurrent Sessions

What Agencies Need to Know About Independent Contractor/Employee Misclassification

This session examines state and federal revenue agencies’ definitions of independent contractors versus employees, misclassification concerns, the IRS’ six factor economic realities test, and options available.

By: Jessica Mosely, CEO, TCS Interpreting

By: Carla Mathers, General Counsel, TCS Interpreting

By: Anne Tomkinson, VP Interpreting, TCS Interpreting

Mentorship: A Worthy Investment

With an overview of various models of interpreting and ways to support interpreter practitioner growth, this session highlights necessary skills for effective mentoring and ways to create buy-in.

By: Laurie Shaffer, Co-Creator & Facilitator, Peer Mentor Model and Program

The ADA: Insight and Resources for Business Owners and Operators

Jeff Rosen reviews the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) including communication access, definitions, and employer obligations. He also includes insight and resources for those providing sign language interpreting services.

By: Jeff Rosen, General Counsel, Convo Relay & Previous Chair, National Council on Disability &

5:00p-7:00p – Dinner Break (on your own)

7:00p-9:00p – The Big Think

The Big Think supports attendees in examining business/technological trends and brainstorming solutions to advance the business of interpreting while supporting standard practices in the field.

Panel Discussion: Towards Excellence: Better Business Bureau Concepts for Interpreting Agencies

This panel will focus on best practices within the field of signed language interpreting, including balancing client and interpreter needs with the realities of operating a business.

Lead by: Koko Chino, Executive Director, Gallaudet Interpreting Service

Panel Discussion: Trends: Technology, Innovation and the Business of Interpreting

This panel will discuss the impact of advancing technology on the business practices of sign language interpreting providers and will peer into the future to consider the next industry disruption.

Lead by: Wing Butler, Senior Director of Operations, Purple Communications

9:00p-10:00p – CSD Dessert Reception

Sunday, January 31st

7:00a–11:00a – Registration

8:00a-1:00p – Sponsor Table Visits

8:30a-11:00a – Main Session

Previous Day’s Recap

By: Brandon Arthur, Founder, StreetLeverage

Lessons Learned: Establishing the First Sign Language Interpreting Business

Janet will share insights and stories from the pioneering days of our profession and will offer perspective on the changes she sees today.

By: Janet Bailey, Managing Partner, Quercus Consulting

Leveraging the Power of Partnership to Improve Interpreting Systems

Any interpreted event is multifaceted and requires the participation of multiple parties who each experience unique challenges. By exploring these challenges and standards of service delivery, all parties gain perspective and experience more effective collaboration.

By: Anna Witter-Merithew, Executive Director, Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Panel Discussion: Recruiting Interpreters from Communities of Color

The challenges, advantages and forward-thinking opportunities of recruiting from communities of color are illuminated in this panel discussion.

Lead by: Angela Roth, CEO, ASL Services & Global VRS

11:30a-1:00 – Concurrent Sessions

Impact of Generational Difference on the Provision of Sign Language Interpreting Services

The interpreting workforce currently consists of more multigenerational participants than ever before, creating challenges in expectations and work styles which require dynamic management approaches.

By: Angela Roth, CEO, ASL Services and Global VRS

Liability Insurance: What Should I Know to Protect My Agency? 

Operating a business carries inherent risks. Examining these risks, predicting vendor requests and carrying adequate liability coverage are all discussed in this session.

By: Gary Meyer, Vice President, DHH Insurance

Forging Collaborative Relationships to Foster Meaningful Access

Beyond coordination and communication about interpreting services, there are techniques for creating meaningful, purposeful collaboration between hiring entities and agencies.This session will analyze these key ingredients.

By: Anna Witter-Merithew, Executive Director, Registry of Interpreter for the Deaf